Villa denies news of Gerrard despite a three-game winless run

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Aston Villa have confirmed rumors they have split up with Steven Gerrard as manager. After their Premier League defeat to Chelsea at Villa Park. Last weekend, with a score of 2-0

, Gerrard’s side have failed to meet three wins in a row. Leaving them 16th in the table (9 points) above the fall zone. Class only 1 point And having only won 2 matches after 10 games in the Premier League so far,

Villa has spent more than 60 million pounds on football player market Last summer, he brought in Diego Carlos (Sevilla – £27m), Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona – £18m) and Leande. Nor Denencker (Wolves – £13 million) joins the team. the UFABET report

After last weekend’s defeat to Chelsea, reports from the Telegraph have emerged that Mauricio Pochettino, former Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino. Pur is the top candidate.

However, Aston Villa’s director of communications, Tommy Jordan, recently revealed via his Twitter account on Monday that Gerrard’s sacking was rumored . Leaving the manager position is not true at all.

“How many times have you published something that was completely untrue before your followers unfollowed?” Jordan Quot tweeted the news from Football Insider Indicated that the team prepared to release Gerrard from his position with the comments. “I’m not sure who else will follow this list. If you’re following, please unfollow.”

Villa’s next game is a trip to Fulham on Thursday night before hosting Brentford this weekend.