Real Madrid legend reveals reason for losing to Liverpool in 2005

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Portugal and Real Madrid legend Luis Figo has revealed the story behind his close to joining the Premier League club Liverpool in 2005, according to the UFABET 

In 2005, the former Real Madrid player, who was 32 at the time, was reportedly preparing for a new club after his contract at the Santiago Bernabeu had expired, with a side from Merseyside. who opened negotiations with the News at that time

However, Figo has revealed to the The Guardian That talks with Liverpool, although going well, the club showed no sign of a contract until Inter Milan made an offer and he later moved to Nerazzurri. the UFABET report

“I would like to move there (Liverpool) and we talked a lot. One week they said ‘no, wait, we can’t sign at the moment’ but they went and signed a new player. Then they said, ‘Not yet. Wait another day or two. We have things that need to be sorted out first’ and they signed another player. At that time I thought ‘What the hell is this? Are you guys messing with me? ‘”

“At that time, Inter came, so I went to Milan to talk to Massimo Moratti (President) and decide to leave.