Luke Shaw is very upset. Man United can only draw Newcastle

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Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has warned his team that If you want to go back to win the championship like in the era that used to be prosperous It is only necessary to get three points when facing a weaker team. especially in their own homes.

Manchester United’s performance was extremely disappointing. After only opening the nest, Old Trafford drew 0-0 goalless draw with Newcastle in the English Premier League on Sunday. And after the game they were booed by their own fans. because he was not pleased with the results of the competition

“I think overall it’s disappointing for the result. This game at home You have to win. Especially as a team that wants to achieve the goals we want. And get back where it should be,” Shaw said after the game.

“I think a game like today is very important to get the three points. But we can’t win. It was very disappointing.” the UFABET report

“But you know we have another big game on Wednesday. So we have to fully concentrate on it.”

The next game, Manchester United will continue to play their home games against Tottenham in the Premier League on Wednesday night, October 19 at 2:15 pm (Thai time).